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Sto-Away Power Cranes

About Sto-away Power Cranes, Inc.®

Sto-away Power Cranes, Inc. - A growing company with growing goals

Manufacturing telescoping bed mounted and bumper mounted power cranes from a Northwest Indiana headquarters, Sto-away Power Cranes, Inc. has been in the metal fabrication industry since 1982. With nearly 40 years of experience, our core business focuses on manufacturing a reliable, affordable bumper mounted power lift crane to meet our client's needs for a portable bumper-mounted power crane.

The Sto-Away Power Crane®

The bumper crane that handles even the bulkiest of loads

For just pennies a day, you can have a portable bumper mounted power crane wherever and whenever you need it. Your Sto-Away bumper-mounted power crane is the faster, safer, more efficient way to get every job done.

Sto-Away power bumper cranes are easy to install and simple to operate. They come pre-wired, pre-tested, and complete with all necessary hardware.

The Sto-Away bumper crane replaces your vehicle's rear bumper and attaches directly to the vehicle's frame. The bumper crane stows away inside its own durable bumper.

• Sto-Away bumper cranes require no bed space

• Sto-Away bumper cranes need no additional vehicle reinforcing

• Sto-Away bumper cranes need no modification to a vehicle's suspension

Highway & Street Departments

When your Highway or Street Department's fleet is equipped with Sto-Away Power bumper cranes, they'll have a single tool for pulling damaged street signs, setting manhole and basin rings, and more. Plus, they'll be able to handle grader/backhoe tires and even perform on-the-spot field service for snow plows.

Water & Sewer Departments

Your Water & Sewer Department couldn't have a more versatile piece of equipment than a Stow-Away bumper mounted power lift crane.

Whether it be for confined space/rescue or just lifing cameras into and out of manholes, a telescoping Stow-Away Power Crane will save time and manpower while it improves safety for your crews..

Landscapers/Parks Departments/Golf Courses

Landscapers, parks departments, and golf courses all agree that a single truck equipped with a Stow-Away Power Crane is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to set trees and landscaping ties, empty trash containers, and fix fences. Plus, a bumper-mounted Stow-Away Power Crane is ideal for pulling large, broken lawn equipment onto trailers.

Private Contractors

The private contractor just shouldn't be without a Stow-Away bumper mounted power crane for pulling concrete forms, lifting power trowels from basement, transporting 65 hp saws - even pallets or skids of material.

With a Sto-Away Power Crane on a delivery truck that handles 55-gallon drums of chemicals or petroleum products you'll notice a decrease in deliveries every month. If those 55-gallon drums contain hazardous waste, your Sto-Away bumper crane will safely lift and handle them while you enjoy a significant reduction in the risk of contact or spillage.

Reduce Accidents • Reduce Insurance Costs • Reduce Liability Risk

The construction industry and Public Works departments share a common and unfortunate fact: one-third to one-half of all lost-time injuries are the result of lifting material by hand on the job site.

In this day of spiraling insurance costs, a Sto-Away Power bumper crane is your simple, safe, and cost-effective way to increase productivity while you control and reduce material-handling and lifting accidents.

Sto-Away Associations & Affiliations

Affiliations Logos

Sto-away Power Cranes, Inc. has been a member of the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) since 2003 and has held the MVP status since October, 2006

Sto-away Power Cranes, Inc. has been a National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) member since 1996.

Sto-away Power Cranes, Inc. holds its certification as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) organization and has met all of the required criteria through the WBENC (Women's Business Enterprise National Council).

Sto-away Power Cranes, Inc. has confidentiality License Agree-ments in place with Ford Motor Company, GM, Daimler Chrysler, Dodge, Isuzu, and works directly with the Toyota Motor Company Chassis Engineering staff.


Sto-Away Management Team

Cynthia Scegiel - President

Cynthia Scegiel has guided the company's growth in the bumper crane industry to its present level. She has assembled a team of experienced bumper crane sales professionals through truck equipment up-fitters worldwide, most of whom are also NTEA MVP members and all of whom are experts in meeting their customer's needs for telescoping bumper mounted power lift cranes.

Cynthia is a member of Purdue University's "Purdue Entrepreneurship Program" as a Level E5 member, and has earned a Certificate of Recognition from the Small Business Association (SBA) for her work. She is an instructor of Quickbooks Pro, has trained in the "Selltis" sales automation program at the Administrative level, and is a graduate of the intensive 3-day Sales Mastery Boot Camp presented by Tom Hopkins International.

Cynthia's sales expertise and mastery of sound accounting practices assure Sto-away Power Cranes, Inc. will continue to grow and prosper in the telescoping bumper mounted crane industry.

Mark Scegiel - General Manager

Mark Scegiel has been a Certified Welder through Hobart School of Welding Technology in Troy, Ohio since the age of 15. He still holds a current certification in shielded metal arc welding in all positions with E7018 on 1" plate alloy A36; stainless steel - all positions 1/2" plate alloy 316; flux core welding of 1" plate alloy A36 all positions.

Mark holds boiler and pressure vessel code in the 6G 6" pipe open butt root, and is a master of aluminum, titanium, and copper welding practices. Mark and the Sto-away Power Cranes, Inc. design team are proficient in AutoCad and Autodesk and perform 3D modeling in Solid Edge.