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Sto-Away Power Cranes

New Sto-Away Power Cranes, Inc.® Features and Specials

Our trained Sto-Away Power Cranes, Inc. Bid Specialists are available to assist you now...

Let a Sto-Away Power Cranes, Inc. bumper crane "take the work out of work."® Just request a Sto-Away Power Cranes, Inc. telescoping bed mounted or bumper mounted power crane on your next bid. Need help with your specs? Call us at 1-800-622-9797 toll-free or locally at 219-942-9797 and our highly-trained Bid Specialists will gladly help you determine exactly what you need. You can call our toll-free number from anywhere in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The Sto-Away Power Crane

The bumper crane that easily handles the bulkiest of loads

New corrosive-resistant bumper crane coating process applied


Spare-tire access port for Chevy, GMC, Ford F-150's, and Super-Duty's

Sto-Away Power Cranes Exclusive Spare Tire Access for Chevy, GMC, and Ford Trucks

For the past 3 years, Sto-Away Power Cranes, Inc.® has installed - at no added charge - an access port for GM and Ford full-size truck owners that enables them to lower the spare tire from the factory storage location.

Now we're shouting it from the rooftops: NO other bumper crane manufacturer has this feature built-in.

The killer of other bumper cranes

Corrosion in the control system is the leading cause for other bumper cranes to "run away," meaning the lifting motor burns-up and jams the lifting cable in the crane's boom.

Weather-proof bumper crane control system and dust cap

Sto-Away Power Cranes Weather Proof Control System and Dust Cap

In control plug design, this single feature leaps ahead of the competition. With the water-tight O-ring-sealed dust cover, the plug socket is not exposed to the elements.

Standard on all of our bumper cranes is our new, weather-tight, non-corrosive control plug with LED showing "Power-up" unit with a weather-resistant on/off toggle switch that allows you to control the power to the bumper crane's controls, adding an additional level of safety and security.

These features are standard on all current models and can be retro-fitted to pre-2004 models.

With a Sto-Away bumper mounted power crane, you're investing in safety...wiith anyone else, you're just buying a bumper crane.

High-efficiency bumper crane pulley kit

We now have a new, high-efficiency pulley kit availabie for all Sto-Away product lines - specially-machined with sealed ball-bearings inserted for greater lifting capacity and longevity with reduced maintenance to the crane.

Bumper crane replacement parts

Because we've received calls for replacement parts for competitive models of bumper cranes, and because we truly believe that bumper cranes are the best choice for light truck lifting needs: if you have any bumper crane from any bumper crane manufacturer that still has some life in it but needs parts...call us!

Some models are no longer being manufactured, but we have parts available and in stock for some of these models: Iron Mules, Western Mules, Stow-a Cranes, West Crane, Rhino Crane, Transport Engineering, Work Hoist 2000.

Because of some design flaws inherent to some of these competitive models, replacement parts may be either upgraded or not offered.

Sto-way Power Cranes, Inc. Bumper Crane Exclusives

Here are some standard features and options that are exclusive to Sto-Away bumper mounted power cranes.

Bumper Crane Hand Guard

Unlike our competitors, our bumper cranes have a standard Hand Guard that protects the operator from getting into the pinch-point area while setting up the bumper crane.

Bumper Crane Grease Ports

Grease Ports throughout all of the bearings and pulleys allow the owner to grease the bumper crane without having to take it apart.

Bumper Crane Emergency Kill Switch

An Emergency Kill Switch is added to the bumper crane so if the hand control malfunctions, etc., the operator is able to instantly shut off the power at the push of a button.

After completing any required maintenance to the bumper crane, just push a reset button on the circuit breakers and you're ready to go on with your lifting needs.

Bumper Crane Waterproof Control Switch

A Water-proof Control Switch with an Indictor light shows the power to the ground plug is on, with an on/off switch that prevents people from tampering with it while it's not in use.

Bumper Crane Twin Inner Core

Our Twin Inner Core keeps our cable from jumping off the pulley at the top of the boom, and 3M Reflective Logos provide excellent night-time visibility.

Bumper Crane BLGL Winch

If you're doing below-ground lifting with your bumper crane (like raising pumps, etc.), we have an exclusive option called our BLGL Winch which is a positive cable attachment. Whey you reach the end of the drum, the cable will do a "reverse-wrap" instead of potentially coming off the drum. On our standard winches, it's fastened with a set-screw, so you always have 3 to 4 wraps of cable on the drum when you're lifting from the ground up.

Bumper Crane Feather-Lite Kit

Our optional Feather-Lite Kit protects your workers (and protects you from Worken's Comp claims) by providing a controlled raising and lowering of your bumper mounted power crane - not only of the bumper crane's mast, but the bumper crane's boom as well.